Earn FREE Jewelry

Host a Paparazzi Jewelry Party

Earn great hostess rewards by hosting your OWN Paparazzi Jewelry Party!

The only thing better than $5 jewelry is FREE $5 jewelry!!

We have so much Fun hosting Parties! Your friends are sure to thank you for these budget friendly fashions and your wallet will thank you too! With each 5 items your guests purchase at your party, you get 1 FREE! this adds up really quick when you are having so much fun! Remember that for booking a qualified* party you get a FREE item also!

How many do I get free?!

My hostesses usually earn about 6-20 items for free at their party.

How can I host a party?

I offer all of them. Album Parties, Facebook Live Parties, Zoom Parties, Messenger Parties, Home Parties, Office parties, "Basket" Parties, Fundraisings, Website parties, and more! If you aren’t local to me and want to host your own jewelry party, we can do one via Facebook or Zoom!

What do I have to do to host a Paparazzi Jewelry Party?

Hosting a party is SO easy.

  1. Book your party date with us: Click Here

  2. Invite your friends. Make your invitations personal and invite at least 3 ways (ex. text, phone call, facebook post, messenger, paper invite)

  3. OVER invite - we want to invite 50 people OR MORE to your party! Invite everyone you can think of!

  4. Remind your friends and family as you see them, or send them the link of your event individually (if is online)

  5. Be excited for your party! Take a "Selfie" of you counting the Days & the day of the party!

  6. Have FUN at your Party! Interact.

See?! Piece of cake. Speaking of cake, you are welcome to have refreshments at your party (If is in person), but remember to keep it simple. You don’t have to be in the kitchen all day baking, just some cookies and water will do just fine.

What if no one wants to come to my Paparazzi Accessories Party?

People usually don’t come to our parties because they didn’t know about it or they just forgot. This is why we are inviting 3 different ways – no one can say they didn’t get an invite. This is also why we are reminding your guests a few times about your party. Life sometimes happens, but this is my tried and true way to get guests at your party.

Another way we are guaranteeing that you will have an AWESOME party is by inviting so many people. It might seem like a lot, but usually only 1/4 of the people you invited will be able to make it to your party. That means, if you invite 50 people to come, plan on having about 13-15 come the night of your party.

If you are doing a Party online, we invite our VIP customers and friends to yours! ;) Those are the awesome perks you get for booking a party with Danny and I! --- Want to book one?! Click "HERE" and book your Party today!