Become a Brand Ambassador

We are looking for positive, upbeat, enthusiastic women or men to promote our amazing Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry from Get your Sparkles. 

It is Super Easy & you Receive Free Jewelry in return! Here are your minimums:

  • Take a selfie/Flat layout Picture with our Accessories, Add the names of items, and post it on your Social Media Accounts. Tag us on your post {@getyoursparkles} at least 3 times per month.

  • Like at least 5 of our posts once per week @Get your Sparkles.

  • Take a Picture of the goodies you'll receive from us with the credit we will give you at the beginning of the month and tag us.

  • Anytime you wear our accessories add a picture to your Social Media Accounts and tag us @Get your Sparkles. 💖

  • Pls keep Track of your posts… Remember that the more you post and advertise our product monthly in creative ways, the more credit you’ll receive.

If you agree to our terms, and you'd like to Participate... please fill out our form: CLICK HERE

NOTE: There is no cost to you and it’s to promote our Services and Product! No selling required. 

Here are some tips and Examples: 

  • Lighting is Everything. Outside pictures are the best in the natural light. 
  • Background Matters.